Pirates Ahoy! Treasure ahead!!

Niche, the marketing club at IIM Ahmedabad broke new frontiers this year with its decision to explore the online space for conducting events. It made a small but significant start with its Online Treasure Hunt which was launched with the aim to inculcate and sustain the passion for marketing amongst the first year students ahead of the summer placement procedure. The event, which was conducted on the 8th of October, was designed to test the participants on their knowledge of marketing in general and brands in particular. The students, perhaps, saw the online challenge as an opportunity to emulate Jack Sparrow and participated in it in huge numbers setting a record of sorts in the process.

In terms of format, the virtual treasure hunt was akin to a real one with each correct answer leading to the next question. Because of the online nature of the event, even the students who are currently overseas for the international student exchange programme could satiate their appetite for marketing challenges by taking part in huge numbers. The participants who successfully managed to unlock the treasure were rewarded with a name for themselves in the hall of fame. Early bird prizes were awarded to the first few who completed the quiz:  Anant Kabra, Mohan Gandhi Ponnaganti, Aparna Gangadharan,  Mayank Kukreja, Rishabh Jaiswal and Agam Khurana.  For all those who missed out, there is still a chance to find the treasure at http://stdwww.iimahd.ernet.in/niche/main/main.html.

At Niche, it is our constant endeavour to uphold the legacy of IIM Ahmedabad as the “Mecca of Marketing”. In the coming days, the club hopes to build on this latest initiative by unleashing a barrage of events in much the same vein.

Rachit Kumar

Member, Niche 2010-2011


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