Nagesh Kukunoor impresses IIMA community with Lakshmi

M.A.D. – The Movie Club of IIMA on Saturday conducted a special screening of celebrated filmmaker Nagesh Kukunoor’s upcoming movie ‘Lakshmi‘ for the IIMA community. Mr. Kukunoor present at the screening said he believes that such screenings at educational campuses would help take such films to the youth directly. Mr. Kukunoor claims that he was experimenting with campus publicity after a long time, having tried it previously with ‘Hyderabad Blues’.

Lakshmi’ is the story of a girl who is a very young victim of human trafficking and flesh trade and braves many odds to become an inspiration for many. There are many girls in the country who have not come of age and are being sold for prostitution, and the movie knits many such stories together to make for suitable watching that attempts to sensitize people about the torment that the girls go through. Although not a documentary, the film presents a stunningly realistic account of the flesh trade with attention to minor details.

In his chat with the audience post the screening, Mr. Kukunoor stressed that he felt child trafficking was a subject that had not been explored by Indian cinema enough and much awareness was still needed among the society. When asked about his strategy for making such a sensitive film, he said that it was about the fine line between presenting something hard-hitting without being overtly explicit or graceless. The film manages to do just that as it achieves the balance with clinical precision. The audience were impressed by Mr. Kukunoor’s ease and openness at answering questions and urged him to continue making such excellent movies that stand out, definitely a welcome change from the usual song-and-dance routines plaguing Bollywood.

The movie has been made for the urban population, especially the youth, and the international population as well. ‘Lakshmi’ hits theatres on January 17th.