Our Team

Media Secretary: Siddarth Raman


PGP 2014-16: Arundhati Hazra | Aviral Bhatnagar | B.V.S. Phanindra | Deepak Venkat | Kanika Verma | Keshav Vats | M Ganesh | Madhura Prabhudesai | Parikshit Kabra | Prasanth K.V.S.S.D. | Raghu Kiran | Maithili Rege | Shashank Kaushik | Srishti Khilnani | Vidushi Singh

PGP 2015-17: Aditya Gokhale | Balaji Ramachandran | Basant Kumar Meena | Namrata Yadav | Parnika Singhania | Sanjay Koushik Ketireddy | Shrikant Siddharth Shelke | Sidhant Srivastava | Sriram V J | Sumit Bhagat | Venika Aggarwal


2 thoughts on “Our Team

  1. I checked out marketing and finance category. Finance category was last updated with March-13, OMG !. No updates since March, is it nothing worthy in this area has happened or is it that there is another blog where all the action is, because i dont think that IIMA finance blog can be so in active.

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