IIM-A launches Heritage Club

Ahmedabad, with its rich and diverse history, has always been a favorite destination for visitors looking to soak in the cultural milieu. It’s no wonder then, that heritage walks and history trails have found great resonance with the students of the institute, with many a weekend trails to parts of the old city and surroundings. Students and staff of IIM Ahmedabad recently launched the IIMA Heritage club in order to provide a formal platform for organizing more of such heritage trips and enable the sharing of knowledge on the topic.

The IIMA Heritage Group started with the idea to promote local heritage, culture, food and art forms. While the younger generation definitely prefers visits to malls and restaurants, the organizers thought that it is just as important to imbibe a sense of pride and knowledge among them about the rich heritage of the city. Besides organizing heritage walks, the club also seeks to promote local art & handicrafts by organizing performances and events in the campus, arrange picnics to nearby sanctuaries, picnic spots, heritage sites, local fairs etc.


The club recently launched a monthly publication which covers the festivals of the month, our monthly activities, food of festivals and shopping destinations. In October, the team organized a day trip to Lothal and Sarkehj Roza. The ruins at Lothal, dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization, are one of the most well-preserved historical sites in the state. The beautifully carved mosques at Sarkhej, on the other hand, stand as a testament to the refined architectural expertise of yesteryear.