Girls top the war of the dorms

Dorm Mascot of Onedergalz

Dorm Mascot of Onedergalz

In keeping with the unique dorm culture and bonding at IIMA, Finesse- The Fine Arts Club held “War of Dorms 2.0”. The competition was held as an opportunity for the dorms to show everyone else what their dorms stood for. Dorms were required to come up with a mascot that they thought represented their dorm best. The competition got intense as the dorms got their creative juices flowing.

Two to Tango's Mascot

Two to Tango’s Mascot

Dorms were evaluated in two stages that captured both expert opinion and public approval. Professor V Venkata Rao, a brilliant artist himself and faculty coordinator of Finesse judged the entries in the first stage. The top 3 entries from this stage qualified for stage 2, the online round. Dorms were required to publicize their posts and garner the most number of likes. Dorms united in their quest to win the poker set at stake and were seen publicizing their dorm mascot posters right up till the last minute in what was a nail biting finish between Dorm 1 (Oneder Galz) who chose the name Wonder Women and Dorm 2 (Two to Tango) who chose the name Dunking Damsels. Based on the scores of both the rounds, Dorm 1 and Dorm 2 whose scores only differed by a decimal point were declared joint winners of “War of Dorms 2.0”

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