Business Simulation Game: Peloton

The Consult Club of IIMA organised Peloton, an online business simulation game, on the Independence Day weekend. Held as an intra-mural activity for the first time, it was a runaway success. Both the PGP2s and PGP1s displayed great enthusiasm which was evident from the 58 teams (with 4-5 participants each) comprising of over 300 people that competed for the honour of being titled the “wizards of business”.

Peloton’s technology partner was SmartSims, a simulation game software provider. The game tested the participants’ understanding of the concepts of finance, marketing, operations and research and development and an amalgamation of these principles to take various business decisions. ‘Peloton’ is defined as a bunch of bikers in a road bicycle race. The game consisted of a simulated world wherein each team was an adventure bike company. Due to registration in large numbers, a preliminary round consisting of a 30 minute long analytical test was held the day before, after which 16 teams were shortlisted for the finals. The simulation game was played in two identical worlds with 8 teams each. They fought each other in a gruelling 4 hour battle which translated to 4 years in the game. Teams started off on an equal footing, that is, in the same scenario with the same resources. However, new challenges presented themselves throughout the contest, forcing participants to make on-the-spot real-world decisions. A company’s value measured in terms of its share price was the basis for final judgement.

The over-all winners were ‘Zombies’ and ‘Andromeda’, both PGP1 teams.  The winning strategy for Zombies was focus on continuous quality improvement and Research & Development. They paced their marketing and advertising programs well through the 4 years, gave attention to production capacity and tapped new markets too. Members of Zombies remarked that the simulation module was very good, reflective of a real business and covered all the important aspects of decision-making without going into unnecessary details. They liked everything from the live multi-player aspect to the rollovers at the end of every year (round). The competition was intense and the limited time between the roll-overs along with the sense of competing with the best of IIM-A brought out the best in them. They did not complicate matters by going into detailed mathematical analysis but took simple sensible decisions based on the market projection and other relevant reports given.

Post By: Richa Gupta


The Consult Club turns to blogging

The Consult Club of IIM-A has recently launched their blog,

The objective of the Consult Club is to spread awareness about the field of consulting and to help the students understand the nuances of the profession better. In effect, the Club’s aim is to help students make a more informed choice about their career.

As part of this endeavor, The Consult Club has launched this blog to keep people informed about the latest developments in the field of consulting and to provide an update on the recent developments in various sectors. The blog would be updated regularly with articles written by members of the Consult Club and by other enthusiastic students on campus. This blog would work not only as a medium of information but would also solicit opinions and discussions on several topics. The aim of the effort is to reach out to the student community across the country and beyond.

In the short span of time since the launch of the blog, the blog has already found many followers and we expect many more to follow us with greater awareness of the blog. The Consult Club can be contacted either through the blog or at Please participate and do contact us if you would like to post your own views and analysis.

Post by: Utsav Kheria, The Consult Club

Panorama-The Consult Club Newsletter, Volume II, Issue 1

PanoramaConsult Club is a student body at IIM Ahmedabad established to serve as an active platform providing avenues of interaction for students, faculty, alumni and professionals through various activities designed to develop and increase an understanding of consulting as a career. The club has existed for many years now and has actively served as a hub of all consulting related activities on campus. It organizes various events like strategy games, B-plan contests, Industry workshops and alumni interaction sessions. It also publishes a periodic newsletter and magazine to meet the evolving needs of the IIMA student community. If it is an industry report you need, the Consult Club repository is the first place you look. With consulting being the career of choice for an increasing number of students, the Consult Club plans to come out with more initiatives to help students make an informed choice.

The Consult Club released the first issue of Volume II of their newsletter, Panorama, on August 11.

The newsletter makes for a very interesting read and has the following articles.

Got Chrome? Bring it on! …………… 1

Indian initiatives …………………….. 2

Consult Quiz …………………………… 2

Sector Focus – Pharma …………….. 3

MECE Analysis ……………………….. 3

Crossword …………………………….. 5

News from the industry …………… 5

Country in Focus – South Africa … 6

First is an article that talks about the stiff competition between Google and Microsoft, with both of them trying to surpass each other’s products. This is followed by a write-up that lists the various activities planned by the new UPA government with respect to development of different sectors like banking and insurance, agriculture, telecom etc. The next article explores the Indian Pharmaceutical industry in depth as it gears up to transform itself in order to make a mark on the global market. This is followed by an article on MECE Analysis, a powerful tool to help students analyze any case better. This is essentially aimed to aid PGP 1 students in their summer internship preparation. Then comes an update on recent business events of importance in various sectors. Finally the issue wraps up with an article on the business scenario in South Africa- a key emerging market.

The newsletter is attached.