The Consult Club turns to blogging

The Consult Club of IIM-A has recently launched their blog,

The objective of the Consult Club is to spread awareness about the field of consulting and to help the students understand the nuances of the profession better. In effect, the Club’s aim is to help students make a more informed choice about their career.

As part of this endeavor, The Consult Club has launched this blog to keep people informed about the latest developments in the field of consulting and to provide an update on the recent developments in various sectors. The blog would be updated regularly with articles written by members of the Consult Club and by other enthusiastic students on campus. This blog would work not only as a medium of information but would also solicit opinions and discussions on several topics. The aim of the effort is to reach out to the student community across the country and beyond.

In the short span of time since the launch of the blog, the blog has already found many followers and we expect many more to follow us with greater awareness of the blog. The Consult Club can be contacted either through the blog or at Please participate and do contact us if you would like to post your own views and analysis.

Post by: Utsav Kheria, The Consult Club


One thought on “The Consult Club turns to blogging

  1. Hi folks,

    I have been following your blog since some time and I always wondered that if there was a separate marketing blog by IIM A students, then what about a blog on the consulting industry. :). Great to have this blog. I am sure it will be very informative and interesting.

    I wanted to ask one question to the moderators of this blog. I have been a part of the consulting industry. During my stint, I realised that consultants are viewed in not a very amicable way by in-house manufacturers, engineers, managers et al. When I say in house i mean to say at the client’s end. For example – if Johnson and Johnson is the client for Mckinsey, then inhouse managers would be the managers, senior engineers or technicians at Johnson and Johnson!

    Why do you think such a phenomenon exists?


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