Run IIMA Run!!

“PGPX conquers the Mumbai Marathon – 15 IIMA PGPX students participate in the 2009 Mumbai marathon”.

This is the foundation established by the previous batches, and now the X5′s take it a step ahead by introducing the first “IIMA 5K Run”. The 5K run comes on the lines of IIMA’s commitment to sports.


IIMA recently introduced the Management Development Program (MDP) for sports management executives and the IIMA Sports Club organises numerous activities, including competitions with local clubs and also participation in the inter-IIM sports meet. The runners in the current batch have completed a combined total of 8 full marathons, 34 half marathons and multiple 5K runs. Building on this passion for sports, it is only fitting that IIMA now gets a running race of its own.


The 5K event symbolizes the inclusive family environment at IIMA where not only the students (PGP, PGPX, FPM), but also the faculty, the staff and their families will join the run. The running route is spread across the sprawling IIMA campus including both the old and new campuses, connected by our own “IIMA Tunnel”. You can trust the group’s and syndi’s to break the decibel meters as their team mates run for the top prize – The men’s 5K champion and The Women’s 5K champion. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the participants are already taking time off from their busy schedules and are training hard to keep their “Group Ki Shaan”!

The date is set – 21st Oct 2010 at 5.00 pm… Run IIMA Run!!


– Rohit Kelkar
PGPX Sports Secretary, Class of 2011




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