A Nite 2 Remember

On the eve of the 9-day Navaratri festival, Footloose – the Dance Club of IIMA – presented its flagship show, the Dance Nite, which wowed the audience and kicked off the festive spirit in the campus.

Beginning with a semi-classical ode to the Gods, Dance Nite this year was nothing short of spectacular, bringing together colours and vibrancy, entertainment and passion, skills and creativity on the RJM stage, as WIMWI students donned the garb of professional performers and rocked the house.

The dances were an interesting mix ranging from Bharatnatyam-fusion to belly dance, again showcasing the versatility of the students. Folk dances like Rajasthani and Kashmiri gave the exchange students on campus a taste of India, while hip-hop and club dances got everyone grooving to the beat. The final act was a medley of the choicest oldies with rock-n-roll and twists, topped off with a solid absolutely-Dabangg act!

This year Dance Nite became more enjoyable than ever as it achieved the distinction of being the only students’ activity on campus that had PGP, ABM, Exchange and PGP-X students participating in it. Exchange students joined us on stage with mind-blowing Bollywood performances. Always committed to spreading fun and cheer through dance, Footloose got non-dancers dancing on stage as well. Interested people were invited for intensive rehearsals that prepared them for on-stage performance and audience cheers proved that their act was as good as any of the others.

At WIMWI, learning never stops. True – as the 30+ team behind Dance Nite discovered for itself that learning in WIMWI happens beyond classrooms as well – performing in teams, handling dynamic changes and connecting with the audience…all with creativity and style.

For a whole hour, the audience was treated to a mesmerizing show – for fachchas, it was the perfect reason to take a break from summer placements preparation pressures, while for the tuchchas, it was a welcome celebration to ward off tuchchadom blues. While dancers took the stage by storm, the audience, too, got infected with the enthusiasm and the masti as its cheers and shouts brought the house down. Well-timed and well-executed, the Dance Nite more than served its purpose of reinfusion of celebration and cheer into the heart of all WIMWIans.

Post By: Pritika Padhi, Co-ordinator, Footloose

Videos and pictures of Dance Nite shared on Footloose Facebook page:



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