Business Etiquette and Client Interaction Workshop

The Business Etiquette and Client Interaction workshop was held on 12th Feb with an impressive attendance of around 60-70 people comprising of PGP1s, PGP2s, PGPX and AFP. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Rama Moondra who is an IIM C alumnus and a listed Premium Educator with Harvard Business Publishing.

The workshop was divided into two sections; the first half of the workshop was devoted to role-plays where participants from the crowd had to enact a typical business situation in each of the sectors mentioned below:

  1. Consulting – Brainstorming session between a partner and his junior
  2. Investment Banking – A banker pitching for services of a potential client
  3. Healthcare – A committee meeting for tackling new diseases
  4. FMCG – Sales Review meeting for territory expansion
  5. Ecommerce – IT head and Sales head meeting to improve customer experience
  6. Media (entertainment media) – Promoting B2B advertising in entertainment media
  7. Startups – A new company pitching to a venture capitalist

After the 7 role-plays, the 2nd half of the session was devoted to feedback on the role-plays. The feedback included an introduction to the sector, how to deal with clients in a particular sector and relevant tips for working in the sector.

Apart from these role-plays the feedback session also touched on body language, content delivery and the right attitude to be followed in an organisation. It was a highly interactive session, one that completely did justice to its theme.

Snapshot from the workshop


The session was also video-recorded so that the participants to volunteered for roleplay, could have the feedback on their performance and the accompanying guidance on record. Overall, the workshop was a huge success with large attendance from students of all progams at IIM A and enthusiastic participation in the interactive session.



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