The Milky Way

The Agri-Business Club of IIM-A organized a visit to the Amul plant and a nearby village recently. Here’s what someone who was lucky enough to be a part of the trip had to say about it.

The Sunday started like any other with most of the students making the most of the late morning and waking up by 11. But post that, a long day lay ahead, entailing a visit to the Amul Factory in Anand. A big bus filled with students from IIM-A, with a higher proportion of PGP 1 students as compared to PGP 2s, reached the Amul factory by 2:30 pm. The visit started with a short session conducted by the PR Officer of the Amul plant. Within a small time span of 30 minutes, he covered the entire Amul story. Right from its origin, to the story behind the Amul butter girl and the operations of the factory at Anand. Many students asked questions associated with the operations, organization and marketing of the products, and most of the answers talked about implementation of the knowledge gained in class.

Post this session, we were taken on a visit of the plant. It started off with us observing a huge display of all Amul products, and most of us were surprised to see that the product range was more diverse than we had ever anticipated. Awestruck, we went around the plant to see the assembly line where milk powder and butter were manufactured. For a lot of us, it was the first time that we got to see an assembly line in action, which we have studied about in detail in our Operations Management class. For 15 minutes, the entire group kept peering in through the glass panes at the butter getting cut into cubes, and getting packaged at unbelievable speeds. For almost 2 hours we observed the operations of the plant and then proceeded to Bedwa village, only after we binged on the Amul products to our heart’s content.

After Anand, the group proceeded to Bedwa village, to observe the milk collection process. Being in a village was a unique experience for most of us. The process of milk collection was highly efficient and standardized. The fat content in the milk being brought was measured within seconds during the collection process, and payment was made to the villagers on the spot. The village was relatively more developed than what we had in mind, with all basic amenities such as electricity, continuous water etc. available, and also a bank branch and an ATM. Most of us believe that the contributions of Amul had a major role to play in that.

The entire trip was an amazing experience for all the students, and not one that we would forget in the near future. After all, the Amul girl has been around us since as long as we can remember, and we are pretty sure that she is here to stay eternally.


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