Confluence 2013 launched!

Events Launch_Confluence 2013 (1920x1358)
Confluence – the Annual Business Summit of IIM Ahmedabad – is running into its 16th year and last weekend saw the official launch of Confluence on the campus. The summit comes at a time when not only the country but the globe as a whole is going through a tremendous turmoil. Befittingly, the theme of Confluence 2013 – “Traversing turbulent times: Obstacles to Opportunities” will try to address this very topic. The agenda of Confluence this year will entail national debates, speaker series, business events and lecture series.


Confluence is scheduled to be held for three days, during 29 November – 1 December 2013. The team plans to take Confluence to a whole new level as it launches the event globally. The step to take the summit international reinforces the idea that we are not alone in these economic uncertainties and must come together to overcome them. Last year, Confluence saw an overwhelming response from participants, management professionals and entrepreneurs. This year, Confluence plans to make the giant leap towards becoming Asia-Pacific’s truly largest and grandest business school summit.  According to Rizwan Ali, the Event Secretary for Confluence 2013, “This year is a milestone for Confluence. We plan to take on very serious matters and plan to deal with them at deeper professional level.”

The summit has lined up various events lined up in 5 different sectors – Finance, Marketing, Policy and Strategy. In addition to this there are flagship events which offer bigger challenges (with greater returns, of course!)


With so much to offer, Confluence 2013 looks to be alluring to both students and business professional alike. Come this season and we will get to see the most influential minds taking their place in participating in the most coveted battle of wits.

For more details, visit the event website here


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