Finesse quills away to glory!

Finesse, the Fine Arts Club of IIMA conducted a Quilling Workshop on 21st July – its first workshop for the current academic session. The event witnessed an enthusiastic participation from the IIMA community including participation from PGP, FPM, PGPX students, professors and their family members as well. It was a hands-on workshop with participants working on their own to “quill” their own creations.


Quilling is the art of using delicate paper strips to create intricate designs. The paper strips are rolled in various shapes with the help of a quilling needle which are then glued together to make decorative designs like flowers, greeting cards, animals and other shapes. The beauty of quilling is in its simplicity. There are an almost infinite number of shapes that you can roll the paper into to create some of the intricate designs. The quilling process begins with planning your design and then deciding on the shapes. With the help of the quilling needle you can then roll the paper strips and then shape them with your fingers, a quilling board or even a comb! Finally, the shapes are arranged and glued to form the design.

quilling2Finesse team members Atul, Kanika and Divya introduced the participants to the basics of quilling. The instructions were hardly over, before all the participants got fully immersed in creating their own art works. The emphasis in these art sessions is not so much on creating exquisite works of art but on the expression of one’s inner self – the world of ideas, feelings and thoughts. The bonus is the art work, which one gets to finally hang on one’s wall.

For more details about Finesse and the work they do, you can visit their Facebook page here.


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