LSD brings Villainy to WIMWI!

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who’s the biggest crook of them all?”


With this jingle, began the first inter-section event for the first years on July 17th – Villainy at WIMWI organized by the speaking cell of Literary Symposium Desk.  Each section chose a villain as their mascot and fielded a team of two to defend their choice in an open battle of words and wits!

The choices ranged from the popular english villains – Joker, Agent Smith and Mojo-Jojo – to the more desi criminals – Gabbar Singh and Crime-Master GoGo. The event saw some really creative and enthusiastic participation – with each of the sections even coming in dressed as their villain mascots.  What followed was two hours of pure madness, spiced with a barrage of crazy, mindless argumentation along with overly enthusiastic tempo-shouts (a particularly unique form of cheering characteristic of IIM A). The judges (Manish, Achyuth and Vasudha) could be seen biting back a laugh, even as the participants relentlessly bashed each other onstage.

Snippets from the event include a very entertaining (and very visual!) ‘Dhakki-Tikki’ dance by Naimish, dressed as Crime-Master GoGo, and an impassioned “Mooojo-Jojjo” speech by Gurbaksh and Vaidyanathan. Preet Deep Singh of Section A stole the show, with his vehement defence of Crime Master Gogo and it was no surprise that Section A came first at the event; while Section E, defending Mojo-Jojo came in a close second.

But none of that really mattered. What mattered was that for the first time this Facha batch came together and defended their sections- there was real passion, commitment and fire! Devotion of that extent hadn’t been seen for the section prior to Villainy and the event served as an extremely effective precursor for the upcoming T-Nite.

Section D was all-in-red and had marked their territory as RAMGARH- home of their villain Gabbar. Section A was in full voice- constantly cheering everything their Go-Go did and vehemently bringing down the opposition when they tried to attack Go-Go’s pride. Section B went all Hollywood- they came with their faces painted, all looking like the Joker. The speakers of Section B too embodied the style of their villain- choosing to be methodical, slow and, well, creepy. Section C was Agent Smith and tried to convince us all that we were imagining the whole thing. This act, needless to say, proved more comical than fearsome. Section E had the ignominious task of countering their own superheroes, as three people from Section D came dressed as the Powerpuff Girls. A stress on “people” here, because they weren’t all girls.

By the end of it, it was Section A celebrating, other sections crying foul about the judge (who happened to be from Section A) and the host (who also conveniently happens to be from Section A). Fishiness aside though, most neutrals would agree that it was an extremely fair outcome! Go-Go went the distance and Gabbar, Joker, Jojo and Smith were sent packing!

All in all, a great event organized and conceptualized by a great team! LSD Speaking Cell has set a pretty high bar as regards Speaking Events for the coming year.


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