When Cupid struck at IIMA!

There was excitement in the air and there were smiles all around. The WIMWI junta seemed to be giving cupid a chance to strike with support from none other than our very own Cultural Committee.

Valentine’s Day brought some reason to cheer on campus. Amidst a barrage of cases, assignments , placement hysteria and unsurprising quizzes, Cultcomm’s “Agents of Love” thought of giving due attention to the matters of the heart. Bhushan Gachake, the Cultcomm Secy laid it out plain and simple. “The pace of work here is rigorous, but the bonding amongst peers makes it worth the hard ride. So we thought, why not  make this Valentine’s a wee bit more special for the campus crowd? It feels great to play Cupid for once!”


The Agents went all out to make hearts meet. Always wanted to send across a box full of little somethings to a special someone? The agents helped out by delivering Love Bundles to their doorsteps. With a smile and a cameraperson in tow. Roses, chocolates, handwritten personalized greetings- you could pick and choose what to send out to your Valentine. Or even help out friends with a good deed. The Agents started out in the middle of a busy day, scurrying back and forth between dorms, sourcing requests that refused to stop arriving, penning down the heartfelt messages and doing some supply chain management to get the love bundles to the right doorsteps well in time for a V-day surprise.

All this while, the hunt was on for the lady and gentleman who would receive the most number of roses. The Rose Queen and King for the day were announced with much fanfare at the end of the day.

For those who didn’t know how to say it right, the dress code came to their rescue and let them send out right signals without much ado. The campus is never really short on budding love poets, and Valentines would be a field day for their kind. The most imaginative declaration of love, that garnered the maximum online support was duly rewarded this time. Managing the matters of the heart is tricky business, but looks like the Agents of Love lived up to their heartfelt promise.


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