IIM-A students live up to Chanakya’s Challenge!

Public Policy SIG of IIMA and Equipoise, the Economics club of IIMA jointly conducted the inaugural edition of “Chanakya’s Challenge” on 10th August. This quizzing event – which focussed on testing the participants’ knowledge of politics, economic fundae and other interesting trivia about public policy and economics – piqued the interests of students across programmes.

Fuelled by a strong promotional campaign and prize money of INR 10000, the turnout on day of the event was very impressive. Around 50 teams turned up for the event. As the teams settled in comfortably at CR7, the quiz was kicked off. After a closely contested prelims which required a quick three question tie breaker round to decide the finalists, six teams entered the final fray. Though the quiz masters surprised the teams with a mixture of “googlies, bouncers and deceptively slow ones”, the teams competed hard and most teams were level after the first two rounds. The theme round, which came next, proved a tough nut to crack. Most teams managed to figure the “bubbles” theme only after all the clues were given out.

The final round, a long audio visual connect, turned out to be the icing on the cake. Pictures of various alternative economic indicators, which included uncollected dead corpses, baby rashes, mosquito bites and many others, were shown one after another. It was an amazing sight as participants kept scratching their heads wondering if there was any connect at all. The eventual winners, Achyuth Sanjay and Arjun Bharadwaj, were the only team which managed to come out with the correct answer. There was a huge round of applause for the LAVC round as the answer was explained in detail.


Given the enthusiastic response, and high quality of quizzing, the organisers promised that “Chanakya’s Challenge” will be back soon!


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