IIM-A Students and Faculty ready for a Public Sector Stint!

Public Policy SIG of IIM-A conducted a panel discussion on the National Youth Policy draft bill that is to be tabled in the parliament next season. The panel was headed by Prof Anil K Gupta (Padma Shri award winner and founder of Honey Bee Network) and consisted of six students from IIM-A. Apart from students across programs of IIM-A, the event was also attended by faculty, Prof Shailendra Mehta and Prof Dhiman Bhadra. The panel critiqued the bill and pointed out several of its shortcomings like lack of concrete and radical measures to tackle problems faced by youth in skill development and entrepreneurship.

Prof Anil Gupta urged students not just to think what India can do for its youth but also what the youth can do for India. He floated the idea of three month compulsory stint for management students in public administration, public enterprises, rural or developmental sector, similar to the compulsory stint required for doctors. His idea was received with applause by the students. Prof Dhiman Bhadra joined the fray and suggested that IIM-A professors can also go on short stint to rural or developmental sector. The participants acknowledged that such stints will be very helpful for both faculty and students in getting to know the ground realities of India.


The feedback and suggestions collated from the discussion are to be submitted to the government as a part of its policy consultation process.

Prof. Anil Gupta’s talk can also be viewed on  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcvcDd5JLNE&feature=g-user-u


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