Padmashree Prof. Anil Gupta speaks!

In a bid to encourage the development of leadership amongst the new entrants , the Entrepreneurship club of IIM A recently organized a talk by Padmashree Prof. Anil Gupta. The talk was meant exclusively for the first years as they prepare for the taxing year ahead. It was done keeping in mind that the students remain motivated throughout the year for pursuing their ideas and getting  a step closer to realizing their dreams. Says Dr. Punit G, co-ordinator of the Entrepreneurship club of IIM Ahmedabad who also has a start up in the pet industry, ”The opportunity to study in IIM A is achieved once in a lifetime and anyone with a flair for innovation and creativity needs to make the most of it.”

Prof Anil Gupta is the founder of honey bee network, wherein honey bee is a metaphor signifying the extraction of knowledge and facilitation of communication for ensuring a proper channel for diffusion of innovations in the informal sector. He is also a member of National Innovation council which is chaired by the advisor to Prime minister. His extraordinary feats include establishment of Soceity for research and initiatives for sustainable technologies and institutions(SRISTI,1993) ,Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network(GIAN,1997), and setting up National Innovation Foundation(NIF,2000) for promotion of grassroot innovations and its conversion into viable products.


The talk by Prof Gupta entailed differentiation of leaders and managers and how this place gives one the opportunity to be a thought leader and not just a manager in the two year stint that each one has. Prof. Anil Gupta quotes “Experience is like a rear-view mirror. It tells us the road that we have traveled so far, but not where we should go”. He went further to elucidate the significance of new ideas and how important it is to do what you believe in and how it is ultimately up to a person to either look for jobs oneself or be the one who is in a position to create jobs for others. The students were infused with ideas about how to push their entrepreneurial streak and at the end of the talk they left all excited about following their dreams and realizing their true potential.Ankit Sisodia a first year at PGP says,”   I still haven’t decided what I would do after PGP in Management. I am looking for clues and hints everyday to make that decision. Prof. Gupta’s talk gave me one big clue to help me take that decision. The clue was that the work should be effortless.”


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