LSD presents Lit-Week!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a faccha in possession of a good wit must be in want of a creative outlet. The LSD Lit Week was just what the doctor prescribed for everyone who fits the above description. The 3-day event served up a sumptuous buffet of Shipwreck, JAM, Quiz and Pot-Pourri & Word Games for the word and trivia gourmand.

Festivities on Day 1 began with Shipwreck where the facchas had to speak extemporaneously for a minute on topics such as “It’s small, but it’s all I have”. The lucky ones who managed to attract the attention of the judges qualified for the 2nd round and found themselves stranded on a sinking ship. As alter-egos of Poonam Pandey or Roadies’s judge Raghu, they now faced an unenviable task of convincing the captain of the ship to give them the last remaining life-jacket. Little surprise then that M V R Murthy who had to become the alter-ego of Neil Patrick Harris managed to snag the last life-jacket!

 Proceedings on Day 1 continued with JAM (Just-A-Minute). Speaking fluently without being interrupted could be dismissed as a mundane exercise by the churlish. But throw in some funky topics, garnish it with zany rules and add cutthroat competitors with a flair for language and what you get is an explosive mix! JAM saw participation not only from veterans but also from first-timers who weren’t afraid to twist their tongues. Multiple rounds of JAM stretched for over two hours roundly entertaining the audience and participants alike and finally Manish Krishnan, a faccha emerged victorious.

Quiz notices are hardly a sign of elation amongst the student community. Ask any passing faccha about quiz and he’ll tell a tale of woe brought about by 3 consecutive quizzes last week. However, before these quizzes, there was another quiz which was received with much enthusiasm by the facchas. In the first round, facchas in teams of 2 put their heads together to answer 25 questions.  Six teams, after having been graded on an absolute curve were selected for the final round and the keenly contested final round was won by facchas Arjun Bharadwaj& Achyuth Sanjay.

The final day saw Pot-pourri and Word Games being held for facchas. The competition spanned a whole gamut of fun events such as Dumb Dumb Dumb C, Grand Canyon, Anagram Dumb C, Rebus Puzzles, Word Games and Etymology Questions. After a two hour mish-mash of questions on things ranging from women’s swimsuit to Yoda in a variety of formats, the event was won by S Aditya, Achyuth Sanjay and Ashok Kumar K.

The Lit Week was a welcome R&R for the facchas, as they commence their grueling one-year stint known as PGP-I. Prizes worth Rs. 12,000 were taken home over the course of the week and it  also gave the wordsmiths, orators and trivia enthusiasts the opportunity to showcase their unique talents. 


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