GeneSys presents Cyber-X Gaming!

GeneSys – ‘The Systems Club of IIM Ahmedabad’ concluded the Inter-Dorm LAN gaming tournament on March 7, 2012. Counter Strike 1.6 was selected as the LAN game for this tournament. For the uninitiated, Counter Strike is a tactical first-person shooter video game and is one of the world’s most widely played multiplayer video game. It is usually played with a team size of 5 with two teams battling it out for glory.The tournament went on smoothly over a duration of 10 days and all matches were streamed live on the college’s local area network. The event had decent prize money for the winner and runner-up teams as well as for the best player of the tournament.


The enthusiasm shown was evident from the fact that a total of 19 teams registered for the tournament. The tournament had a knockout format with only winners proceeding to the next round. Each match was played on single map with finals being the exception, which was a best of three map format. The finals saw two teams duel for glory and finally team ‘Brute’ representing Dorm 28 emerged as the winners and team ‘Chillgamers’ from Dorm 17 finished as the runners-up. Another thrilling match of the tournament was the semifinal match between the eventual tournament winners and team ‘Cloud9’ of Dorm 9.The match was evenly balanced to the very end with the winner being decided through a tie-breaker. This tournament was the first of its kind ever to be held at IIM-A.


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