IIMA Students celebrate an environment friendly Holi!

The festival of colours saw students from various parts of the country come together and celebrate Holi in a unique style with involvement from all those present in the campus. Everyone from the students, both PGP and PGP-X, to the staff and faculty came in large numbers to cover the brick walls of IIMA with different colours. A rain dance was organised by the Cultural Committee of IIMA with students dancing to the music of a DJ and Dhol. The unique setup had an innovative concept of a “Dunk Tank”, which was filled with coloured water. Students were seen throwing each other into the tank, especially those who were dry and new to the celebrations.

From Dance to water, colour to mud, and from sweets to thandaai, the students experienced the celebration style from all parts of the country. First timers had a blast and those who celebrate it at home got nostalgic. However, celebrations with friends have given students a unique memory and many look forward to celebrating Holi once again next year with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Another unique feature of Holi at IIMA was that it was celebrated with organic colours and also usage of “Kesudo” (dried flowers of Palash). This made sure it was environment friendly and also not harmful to anyone. The event saw a footfall in excess of 300 and students as students celebrated Holi all over the campus.


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