Dorms at IIMA battle for the Cricket Trophy!!

The inter-dorm cricket tournament at IIM-A brought out the rivalry between dormitories on the campus as students battled hard for the coveted trophy. Every year around this time, when the final year students are about to say good-bye to their most memorable two years at IIM-A, this tournament is organized for the bonding between batch mates and juniors and this bond lasts even after they get take a plunge into the corporate world.

The event with a total of 20 matches saw a few nail-biting finishes with 2 matches ending on the last ball with a six. “A score of 100 runs in 10 overs getting chased down on the last ball was enthralling to watch, and that too with a six and with only 1 wicket remaining”, says Anmol Arora, a first year student, who was umpiring in one of these matches. Dorms impatiently wait each year for this event as cricket is one of the most loved sports on the campus. As 28 teams participate in this campus wide event, everyone gets a chance to show off their cricketing talent.


One of the unusual participants this year were the Armed Forced Personnel students who are doing a management course at IIM-A. The veterans, who age between 30 and 55 years, played fabulously and displayed their skills and fitness by reaching the semifinals of the tournament. Devender Kumar, Sports Secretary of IIM-A, says, “It is always great to see everyone come together for their team and play their heart out to grab the golden trophy. Students take time for their love of cricket out of their packed schedules and play passionately to bring glory to their dorms.” The Sports Committee at IIM-A plans to conduct similar events later in the year which would involve Football, Volleyball, Pool, Carom and a game played only at IIMA out of all the IIMs, Frisbee.


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