Students at IIMA celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Twist!

This Valentine’s Day saw the atmosphere on the IIM-A campus buzzing with activities organised by the Cultural Committee of IIMA. The student community celebrate Valentine’s Day through multiple events, one being “Rose Day”, which saw students dedicate a rose to their special ones. Through roses of 3 colours, red, pink and yellow, students conveyed their messages and music dedications. With the delivery to students organised by CultComm, there were over 500 rose exchanged, through 300+ Requests and over 100 Song dedications!! The event also declared a “Rose Queen” and a “Rose King”, for the maximum number of roses received. The response for the event was phenomenal with students taking out time to dedicate roses to their friends on campus.

Another one of the events, “What’s Your Status” day, had students wearing clothes of different colors according to their status! With everyone wearing some colour, it created a wonderful break from the usual discussions, where students were busy discussing the colours they wore.

Raghunath Babu, a first year student, says “It was an awesome effort put in by the Cultural Committee. The people whom I sent roses to were really happy about it. This matters a lot in a place like IIMA where the academic rigour keeps you busy. Such events serve as a much needed break.”

The Cultural Committee plans to hold many such events on campus during this year with Holi being next on their radar. “This year we plan to make the campus more active and lively through such events and we are gearing up for the new batch expected to join us in a few months”, says Varun Khanna, the Cultural Secretary of IIMA.


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