Former High Commissioner Nalin Surie addresses IIM-A community

Former High Commissioner Nalin Surie held the IIM-A community spellbound in his guest lecture organised jointly by Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs and IIM Ahmedabad at the IIM campus on 16th February. A diverse set of audience including students, faculty, alumni other members of the business community attended the talk on “Indo-China Relations: Compete or Engage”. Nalin Surie, who retired from Indian Foreign Service, last July after 38 years of exemplary service, has served as the High Commissioner to the UK and the Indian ambassador to China (2003-06).

The talk was part of the proactive effort made by Public Diplomacy Division to educate and inform the public and especially the student community about the efforts made by the ministry on various fronts. “The Public has a lot of misconceptions about our foreign policy. It is partly our mistake failing not to communicate to the public our efforts properly,” Nalin Surie said during his talk. He urged the people to refer to the government websites to get the latest updated information about the activities undertaken.

The talk was followed by an interactive session where Nalin Surie answered audience’s questions about India-china relations and its strategic importance. “It was interesting to hear about China and the dynamics of India-China relationship from a person who has spent a good amount of years in China and played a crucial role in building Indo-china relationships. It busted many of the myths that the media had built around this issue,” said Nikhil Gulati, a first year student and Public Policy Student Club member.


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