A Day at IIMA Launched!

IIMA has launched a new and unique initiative as a part of the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ called ‘A Day at IIMA’. In this exciting event, a new batch of 50 ‘students’ can spend a day at IIMA attending classes, facing some of the methods of evaluation that regular students cope with (such as group assignments) and experiencing the culture of the campus.

Those interested can fill the form up at iima-jgw.co.cc or email us at adayatiima@iimahd.ernet.in. The final batch of 50 ‘students’ will be chosen on the basis of a draw of lots. As this initiative is part of the ‘Joy of Giving Week’, we encourage the participants to donate to Prayaas, IIMA’s student initiative to educate underprivileged children around campus. We thought the flavour of the event could be captured best through quotes from some of the key people involved, so here goes!

Parampreet Singh Bhasin, the General Secretary of the IIMA student body: The batch of ‘students’ will be taught by our Professors using the pedagogy of IIMA i.e. the case method. They will be privy to some of the traditions and quirks that make up our Dorm culture. They will also learn interesting things about our campus and experience first-hand the academic rigour that we students are exposed to on a daily basis.





Vipul Kedia the founder of Prayaas: It’s heartening to note that Prayaas has continued over the years and has managed to
motivate IIMA students continuously to contribute to society. The latest effort to raise funds through this innovative concept showcases the out of box thinking that IIMA teaches. These funds will help expand Prayaas significantly and ensure further continuity of this initiative.









Jayesh Chawla, a young entrepreneur: I always used to identify myself with the entrepreneurs mentioned in Connect the Dots, Rashmi Bansal’s book. Through this opportunity, I can experience what IIMA is and what the difference between an MBA entrepreneur and a non-MBA entrepreneur might be.










Tushar Tarun a Law Officer at Indian Oil Corporation: As a lawyer working in a corporate, such a day would let me observe the work ethic of MBA students, their approach to business problems and give me a greater insight into the working of companies and the market.









Akshay Kataria a 2011 IIMA pass out: I want to thank the present Joy of Giving Week team of IIMA for planning this event. This initiative is also exciting for an alumnus like me, who would love to live those glorious moments at IIMA again. Merely by learning about the event, I am getting nostalgic about those red bricks, the brilliant professors and the LKP!







Professor Rajanish DassWarden of IIMA: Initiatives like this, especially during the golden jubilee year of the institute, are a great welcome. This provides a fantastic platform for our students to interact with people from different streams, as well as help them understand  IIMA way of doing things.







Rashmi Bansal, noted writer, blogger and IIMA alumnus: I’m delighted to hear of this creative and exciting initiative to raise funds for a great cause. To all those who get this one day at IIMA, I’m sure it will be the experience of a lifetime!










Sulabh Jain, Student Coordinator for Golden Jubilee Committee: We want this event and the several other events we have launched for the Joy of Giving week this year such as ‘Shadow a CEO’, ‘Meet a Prof’ and ‘Dinner of Joy’ to continue over the years to come. This being the Golden Jubilee year, we thought it would be a wonderful occasion to launch these events. A lot of work has gone into planning and arranging ‘A Day at IIMA’ and we intend to make it a memorable experience for all those involved.


3 thoughts on “A Day at IIMA Launched!

  1. Don’t you think instead of writing a marvelous blog, you people could have had the liberty to mail it across to the MBA fraternity in India? There are people who would die to spend one day in this legendary place and you are snatching that opportunity from those few.
    I would request your public relations team to send an email atleast to all IITs if not to all other colleges of your interest.

    IIT Kanpur MBA 2011-13

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