Campus in the Rains

It does not rain much, or often, at Ahmedabad. The summers are dry, dusty and gritty. The heat is unbearable and drives even the most resolute indoors, searching for that elusive cool spot. One hears about the incessant rains in the rest of the country, but the sky in this city remains stubbornly sunny. Yet, one fine glorious grey gloomy day, the first drop of rain does wet the earth. It starts with a gentle drizzle and rages to a downpour and subsides again to the occasional bursts of shower. And along with the weather, the campus transforms too!

The first change that one notices is the sudden appearance of a multitude of colors – blue, green, pink, purple and of course, the ubiquitous black. The umbrellas jostle for space outside libraries and classrooms, dorms and eateries. Often, people crowd under an umbrella in twos and threes, trying desperately, but unsuccessfully, to stay dry. Everybody makes a mad scramble to reach shelter, professors and students alike. The coffee at Nescafe and the chai at Ram bhai becomes a staple part of everybody’s diet.

This being a relatively “chill” period on campus, a whole host of activities takes place simultaneously. The intra-campus TT tournaments sees boys and girls fight it out outside the class. Friendly matches of football and basketball with other colleges result in dirty clothes and new acquaintances. Frisbee gains a whole new level of popularity with matches continuing well past midnight. IIMACTS, the dramatics cell, put up their annual theatre festival – a series of three plays on three evenings which left the audience wildly cheering for more.

The campus itself blooms like a fresh, new flower. The green grass, twittering birds and leaping frogs make it a perfect time for the romantic soul to go for a stroll. Prakriti, the nature club, arranges for campus walks in the morning, arguably the best time of the day. Amateur photographers sprout faster than mushrooms and face-book pages get flooded with pictures of the…campus in the rains.


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