T-Nite Returns!

Hello Readers! After some internships, password issues and the usual gamut of quizzes.assignments.exams, we’re back with regular blog posting! We promise to update this space at least once a week – so read on and enjoy your weekly dose of IIMA tidbits.

This week IIMA plays host to T-Nite – that legen…(wait for it)…dary battle between the first year sections. First years or our facchas, as they are lovingly called, take some time off from their ridiculously busy schedules to explore their hidden talents. Singing, dancing, walking the ramp and acting comes naturally to these future CEOs as they battle it out to see which section comes out on top.

Section B in a great display of Enthu

The aptly named ‘Talent Night’, is a friendly (or some may argue, not so friendly) contest between the five sections of first year. The sections A, B, C, D and E compete in a range of cultural and fun sports competitions to win the coveted T-Nite trophy. Add a dash of competitive masala and dollops of enthu and the result is a memorable 4 days for first and second years alike. While the first years prepare, second years are very much involved cheering their erstwhile sections and giving gyan (which they are always ready to do!). During these 4 days, the campus is transformed – the mess is decorated with banners and posters of the sections, the corridors and pathways ring with section tempo shouts, common areas in the dorm play host to dance practices and classrooms are used by sections to make props, practice and strategize for the upcoming night.

T-Nite this year has got off to a great start, with the sections going all out to claim the trophy. We leave you with some moments of the first day of T-Nite and the promise of more news and first year’s views on these 4 amazing days.


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