Clarification Regarding the Article in the Economic Times dated 26-2-2011

The IIM Ahmedabad Placement Committee would like to clarify that the Rs. 1.5 crore offer as reported in the Economic Times article, “Deutsche Bank top recruiter at IIM-A with Rs. 1.5 crore offer” dated February 26, 2011, is misleading. At this point in time, the recruiter named in the report has not shared the complete offer details with the Placement Committee. The partial data available with the Placement Committee does not support the claim made in the article.

According to the Placement Reporting Standards, the institute will share the maximum, mean, median and minimum salary figures (international and domestic separately) at the end of the placement process. Since only two clusters of the placement process have been completed as of date and more are scheduled, the identification of the ‘top’ recruiter is premature. The determination of the highest salary package on campus has not been done by the placement committee as of date and hence any report on this parameter has no validity. We request the readers to wait for the official data and not rely on speculation.

Additionally such reports are misleading since the ‘top’ recruiter could be defined in several ways such as the recruiter making the highest number of offers, the recruiter having the highest acceptances etc. IIM Ahmedabad does not differentiate between recruiters on basis of salary offered or the number of offers made and strives for the best recruiter-recruit fit. In this context, defining the ‘top’ recruiter in terms of salary is not justified.

The Placement Reporting Standards drafted by IIM Ahmedabad and shared with various stakeholders including media (available for download from, differentiates between data and statistics. The standards have been drafted with the objective of reporting the aggregate statistics and not names of individual companies or students. We request media to refrain from publishing specific data as it may adversely affect the individuals concerned. The responsibility for any negative implication connected with identification of individual recruiters or students would lie with the media house concerned.


10 thoughts on “Clarification Regarding the Article in the Economic Times dated 26-2-2011

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  2. What is the readership of this blog vis-a-vis ET/TOI? If you really intend to clarify, why dont you do the same via same media channel? Is this justified to mislead potential students before their CAT interviews by giving false/incomplete information. As one of the torch bearer of management education in India (and Asia), do you think this is right? (Take my question in light of similar incident last year)
    PS: No intention to malign institute image. Just a concerned voice for those who are driven towards MBA by such media reports.

  3. I agree with the statements that Placement Committee has given. In fact recruiters should not be differentiated on basis of salary offered or the number of offers made and media should not specify the data as it might affect the individuals concerned.

  4. Guys,
    I really dont know why are you not looking at the other side of the coin. You guys are assuming that IIMA has published this article for the sake of publicity rather than the recruiter itself but it might be the other way round.
    Recruiters from time to time position themselves as – “best paying bank”, “top i-bank” in order to lure best talent. I really dont think it was from IIMA as I think they have other fronts to publicize themselves.

    • It is definitely a publicity stunt of IIMA. Please please stop these types of activities. You are not only bringing a bad name to yourself, but also to other IIMs or better leave the league and become IIPM -ahd.

  5. Thank you all for your feedback. It was interesting to hear all your views but we wouldn’t also like to clarify a few things from our side.

    This very clarification which was posted on the blog was sent to our entire media enterprises mailing list. We really can’t control whether newspapers finally choose to put the releases we send them in their papers or not. We can only give them the most accurate information from our side. We have tried to do this by posting this clarification the very day the article was released and sending this clarification out to all newspapers and channels.

    One of the MBA sites has published our clarification here:

    So as you can see, we are also trying our best to contain this news and ensure that we don’t appear misleading. Beyond that, we always welcome your comments :).

  6. Well I would like to congratulate IIMA for the hattrick. It is third year in a row. How great the placement standards are? Leaking some high news in media and posting explanation in a hidden blog. Praiseworthy. But are you by any chance following the footprints of IIPM? Seems very close.

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