Placement Reporting Standards at IIMA

The management education imparted by various B-schools and their campus recruitments are two prominent dimensions which catch the attention of both aspiring individuals and the general public. The popularity of today’s B-schools rests to a certain extent on their placement records, and B-school aspirants look forward to the release of the placement reports and take decisions based on these.

Every B-school today has its own system and schedule of campus recruitments. Also, different business schools have different formats of presenting their placement reports which are reported in various sections of the media across the country. The lack of standardization and clarity may lead to the misinterpretation of the data and lead to wrong decision making. This would in turn make it difficult to find the right recruiter-recruit fit. A need is thus felt for placement reports which give in-depth information in a standard format, aiding direct comparisons.

The objective of the Placement Reporting Standards is thus to bring in uniformity in the manner in which B-schools report information related to campus placements. This would enable a fair comparison between B-schools on multiple parameters including compensation. This draft has been prepared by faculty at IIMA – Prof Saral Mukherjee and Prof Biju Varkkey along with some students.

A draft of the reporting standards can be found at:



One thought on “Placement Reporting Standards at IIMA

  1. I guess you forgot to add a point to the draft. The point is that “As per our own placement standards, we(IIMA) will keep spreading rumours about our placements in media and write an explanation in a hidden blog”. That way we will always be number 1.
    Please edit it soon.

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