Geeky Gigs

As a kick off to the Golden Jubilee in December, Cultural committee organized an extravaganza of genuine beautiful music on Oct 30th, by tying up with Ahmedabad International Arts festival. As a perfect launchpad, IIM A’s band ‘Orange Moon’ opened for the famed Bandish Projekt in LKP at 8 pm. This event was called ‘Geeky Gigs’, and is part of cult comm’s long term strategy of making Oct – Dec a time in Ahmedabad when no good band would afford to miss playing at Geeky Gigs@ IIM A. IIM has always encouraged art, and this is a step in that direction. There will be three gigs, one each in Oct, Nov and Dec every year.

The band set the tempo of the night with eight of their own compositions, each more melodious and spell bounding than the other. The breathtaking fusion of classical and modern music was a treat to witness. It was a spectacle which drew the hard-pressed-for-time-fuchchas, mugging for their exams starting the next day, out from their rooms and the library. There is honesty and sincerity in the straight from the heart music that Orange Moon offers and it has the quality of taking you to your happy place.
Orange Moon was also featured in Times of India as part of the AIAF (Ahmedabad International Arts Festival) calendar. The hard work of the band showed in their performance and the whole campus wishes the stars for their very own Orange Moon. Shine on you crazy diamonds!

Post by: Kartik Sharma

Photographs by: Manideep


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