Beta launches website

Beta- the Finance and Investments Club of IIM Ahmedabad is pleased to announce the launch of its website (, in what the club believes is a small yet significant step to emerge as a student thought leader contributing in a meaningful way to the world of Finance. Through this website, Beta aims to establish itself not just as a disseminator of facts and information, but also as a forum to bring together finance enthusiasts by generating content interesting for everyone.

As part of this initiative, Beta has created a plethora of publications, journals and newsletters like the Beta Daily, Beta Pedia, Beta Times and Perspectives that have been carefully put together to provide a comprehensive array of information from the world of finance. Anyone can subscribe to these publications through the website and Beta is pleased to share this information with other members of the student community with a genuine interest in finance and associated careers as well. Further, the Beta website also plays host to its forum on opinions and views of IIMA students on various relevant issues from the world of finance at

To give the readers an overview, Beta Daily is a brief one-page snapshot of important national and international news. It covers articles, opinions and analyses from more than 10 media sources known and respected in the world of finance. Beta Pedia or Beta Word of the Day (WOTD) is an online dictionary of jargons and terms often used in the world of finance where each word is supplemented with appropriate examples, applications and questions. Beta Daily and Beta Word of the Day, as the names suggest, are intended to add that extra edge of awareness and knowledge within a few minutes to a finance enthusiast’s daily life.

On the other hand, Beta Times is a bi-weekly publication that encourages a spirit of debate and discussion within the student community. It expresses the analyses and views of the members of the club on various financial topics that have been vigorously researched. Perspectives, a regular publication details the summer internship experiences of the second year students with the primary purpose of enabling the first year students to make better, more informed choices for their internship by informing them about the realities of working in the financial services industry and how roles and work cultures across firms differ.

While the others are IIMA publications, Money Manager is India’s first pan-IIM finance magazine. It is published jointly by the finance clubs of IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta and features original contributions from students of leading B-schools across the world as well as interviews with leading luminaries from industry and academia.

As a whole, the website also seeks to inform the wider public about various events, competitions, networking sessions as well as speaker series which are hosted by the club from time-to-time. Recently, Beta hosted the first pan-India financial services competition called Exchequer – a competitive event which tested some of brightest finance enthusiasts from the top business schools of India in real-life problems from the world of private equity, capital markets, investment banking and retail banking. Besides, several other workshops and events, both domestic and international, are scheduled in the coming months – a brief overview of which is available on the website.

While this website explores many facets of the multi-faceted world of finance, there are many other ideas that we are continuously working on to add to our range of activities. For where there is a commitment towards a passion, there is always something new to learn every day, and Team Beta are committed to contributing towards this learning process every way it can.


Post by: Anindya Dutta, Coordinator, BETA – The Finance and Investments Club


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