Welcome to Insight 2010 – Oct 2 & 3, 2010

Shakespeare rightly said (Quote:1596 A.D) :-

“Be not afraid of greatness:some are born great,some achieve greatness …………………………and some have been to Insight at IIM A”

Insight is the oldest fair at IIM A, with an illustrious history stretching back 23 years. Over the years, it has become a part of the IIM A psyche and an annual event not to be missed. The fair is currently held in the month of October and spans the course of two days on the IIM A lawns and session halls.

Insight day 1 consists of marketing and marketing research events like brand launches, case contests, quizzes, seminars, workshops, simulation games etc. Students from the best B school campuses in the country participate in these events. Day 2 is the marketing fair which aims at gaining insights into consumer psychology by engaging them in activities. This, it does, through specially designed games in which thousands of people with varied profiles take part. As consumers are unaware of the market research aspect of the activities, the games are an effective means of bringing out the latent psychological cause of consumer behavior.

Team Insight 2010 invites the would be business leaders of tomorrow to dive into this wealth of Marketing Research.

See you all there!

Signing off,

Team Insight,2010


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