IIMACTS Presents…

“पान नहीं खाता था वो, मगर हाँ नाटक करता था, और खूब करता था!”

Ek gadhe ki kahaani, humari zubaani..

After successfully staging famous plays like “Badi Buaji” (Natrani Theatre, October 2009),

IIMACTS is back, and back with a bang….


A well-known satire written with a contemporary twist,

“Ek Tha Gadha Alladad Khan”, by Late Sharad Joshi

IIMACTS, one of the oldest clubs at WIMWI has been actively promoting theatre as an art since its inception. Performances staged by IIMACTS have always been a huge hit, attracting a large audience from all over Ahmedabad.

How much effort it takes to bring out a production stems right from the fact that actors do numerous rehearsals, squeezing out time from hectic schedules of course, but there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes. Costume coordinator making sure characters are rightly dressed, props coordinator analyzing the prop list, buying them from various stores, etc., borrowing heavy furniture from the SAO, set designers putting together a fabulous set, stage manager herding the actors and so on…

And now with a mind-blowing performance, the talent at WIMWI is all set to enthrall you this Sunday. The play is packed with extremely thought provoking content that will make you laugh till your bellies hurt – and perhaps later, you might just find yourselves thinking about more serious matters.

Once upon a time, there was a Navaab. There was a Kotvaal, and there was a Ramkali. There were some darbaaris and chintaks. There was Devilal paan vaala. There was Natthu darji and Juggan dhobi, and there were nagariks. And then there was Allaadad Khan.. Oh, and once upon a time, there was also an ass. Here’s a comedy that tells all of their intertwined stories.

Once upon a time, “Ek Tha Gadha!”

For those who have somehow not been able to attend an IIMACTS production so far, here is your chance. A unique experience – one that is not to be missed.

Post By: IIMACTS, The Dramatics Club


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