Beta, the Finance and Investments Club, presents EXCHEQUER 2010

Salary packages, research papers, student intake, foreign exposure – these are some of the metrics used to award rankings that define the typical Indian B-School. Many believe these parameters are incomplete, or worse still, unfair. But somehow, these methods have lingered on for lack of a better alternative.

BETA, IIM Ahmedabad’s Finance and Investments club, is all set to change that very soon through EXCHEQUER 2010 – a national level financial services competition organized in association with UBS, a  global financial services firm with presence in 50 countries and employing more than 64,000 people. Through EXCHEQUER, BETA aims to open up a platform, in which teams comprising the best students from India’s best B-Schools compete to gain a title of “The Best B-School in Finance in India”.

EXCHEQUER shall test its participants through competitions that shall simulate real-world conditions as closely as possible across all major financial disciplines. The seven IIMs, ISB, MDI, FMS & XLRI are a few of the 25 institutes expected to participate in the event.

The event shall be held over the period of Aug-Sept over two rounds. The first stage shall be an online elimination round from which the top 8 teams shall graduate to the second round to be held at the IIMA campus in September. The preliminary round shall begin on the 17th of August and go on in phases till the 11th of September with the results for the first round being declared in the third week of that month.

Each stage shall test the teams on their real-world skills in reading, understanding and taking positions in the four sectors namely, capital markets, investment banking, private equity & venture capital and financial strategy.

The four sub-events for each of these sectors, Arbitrage (Capital Markets), Deal Maker (Investment Banking), Leverage (PE/VC) and White Knight (Financial Strategy) will present problems tempered with real world constraints to the competing teams such that their knowledge and skills are tested to the extreme. The details of the four sub-events are as follows:

The Investment Banking event, DealMaker, is designed to put the participants in the banker’s shoes and execute the process of deal making from origination till pitching to potential investors.

Arbitrage (Capital Markets) aims to give participants the opportunity to compete against each other in a simulated market, testing their capital markets fundamentals

The Private Equity event, Leverage, will give participants an opportunity to play the role of a private equity firm using a simulated deal execution from term sheet to funding

White Knight, the Strategic Finance event, will require the participants to formulate a financial plan for the future strategic initiatives for a retail bank/microfinance institution.

The Grand Finale shall take place at the IIMA campus on the 25th and 26th of September. This first of its kind event is sure to change forever how Indian B-Schools perceive each other.

Visit for more details on the event.

Post By: Sitaram Agarwal


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