T-Nite – The year’s first cultural extravaganza at IIMA

T-Nite is here! And it is back again bigger than ever before promising a lot more excitement and fun.

IIMA’s student community has been expectantly waiting for August 5 with enthusiasm for the entire last month. The PGP1s, called the Fachchas get to taste another aspect of life at IIMA other than the academic rigour for the next 4 days beginning August 5. The Fachchas also get to let out their creative talents and battle it out amongst each other’s sections for the most coveted prize a section at IIMA could ever lay their hands on – the T-Nite Champions trophy.

A long standing tradition of the institute celebrating its golden jubilee this year, T-Nite is an inter section Talent contest among the sections of the PGP1s and the current PGPX batch at IIMA. Traditionally, the event is organized by the second year PGP students, immediately after the first series of examinations of the first years. Over the years, winning T-Nite has become the central aim of every first year section at IIMA. Tradition runs deep when it comes to T-Nite – alumni who had passed out even 25 years ago reminiscing about T-Nite.

Organized by “The Cult” – IIMA’s cultural committee and sponsored by Coca Cola – The Cult’s year long sponsors and the Diplav Omkar Dance Academy, T-Nite spans 4 nights of intense competition between the sections in creatively designed events. Beginning on the Aug 5th is the “Pub Run”, where the entire institute gets to see each section with their preparations, Section T-shirts and slogans right in the Arena – The picturesque Louis Kahn Plaza. The Pub Run involves four different races with the winner getting to reserve more space for posters in the student’s mess.

Following the Pub Run is the Mess Nite, with the arena shifting entirely to the institute’s student mess. Here the section performs as a single unit – with impromptu performances thrown in between.

The LKP nite – at LKP follows the Mess nite. Main events are the Fashion parade, Dance and talent shows. What follows is the RJM nite held at the RJMCEI auditorium of IIMA. By this time, all the sections, while thirsting for victory, are expected to have realized the true meaning of T-Nite – to bond with their section mates and form some lifelong friendships.

The drums are set to start rolling at IIMA on the evening of August 5th .

Post by: Seetharaman T N
Member, Cultural Committee


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