Nature lovers in a business school

A Chinese proverb says, “God is the experience of looking at a tree and saying – Ah!” A factory is being run behind red bricked walls of IIM Ahmedabad (IIM A), churning out lots of leaders every year. While they are ready to take the business world heads on, one can certainly feel happier to know that the future of the country is in safe hands when one sees them carrying love for nature in their hearts.

Prakriti – “The Nature Club of IIMA” was conceived a few years back when some like-minded students got together. The purpose was to make people aware of and sensitive towards a vast variety of flora and fauna present on campus, and outside as well. They organize Nature walks, campus tree plantation drives, trips to nearby areas and other similar activities.

Prakriti was in action again as they celebrated Van-Mahotsava on July 12, 2010. A campus tree plantation drive was organized. Around 50 plants of various kinds were planted by students as an initiation mark which is now being taken care of by IIMA nursery staff.

Their continual efforts over the years to do something for nature has bore fruits as IIM A authorities have given them an exclusive space to develop as a garden. Prakriti’s landscape garden – “The Nature Point” was inaugurated by Prof. Amit Garg (Head, Sustainable Campus Initiative) and Ms. Sudeshna (Coordinator, Prakriti) by planting trees at its entrance.

This is in front of mess area which will serve as an aesthetic meeting point for all clubs and SIGs, carrying a mark for our love for nature. It’ll add on to the beauty and décor of our great campus and help us in sensitizing the residents of IIMA about the importance of nature.

As a part of celebrations, Prakriti has also started the dorm plantation drive where in students were given potted plants to decorate their dorm, rooms, corridors, and feel closer to nature. Over the due course, they along with help of nursery will take of the plant and will return the plant to nursery when they leave.

A nature walk was also conducted on Sunday, 11 July, in the campus when some 20 odd nature lovers turned up at 6 in the morning to appreciate the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna inside the IIM A campus.

I could hear chirping sounds of happy birds during the tree plantation drive and was recalling words of Henry Van Dyke, “He that planteth a tree is a servant of God, he provideth a kindness for many generations, and faces that he hath not seen shall bless him.”

Post by: Ashok Kumar Bhardwaj and Sudeshna Dey

Pictures Courtesy: Sudeshna Dey


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