Fuchcha Welcome

The incoming batch of 2010 was treated to a special welcome this time. The celebrations included a Welcome Nite – a dance performance presented by Footloose – the Dance Club of IIM-A.

After the grind of the first WAC submission, the fachchas sat back and enjoyed the fun as the tuchcha batch joined in whole-heartedly to give them a taste of the “work hard, party harder” philosophy of WIMWI. Last minute rains cooled things down a bit but failed to dampen the show as spirits ran high and huge turnout was seen from both the batches as well as from the PGP-X group and their families.

And the audience was not disappointed either….with an interesting melange of Indian folk and western hip-hop, belly dance and free style, the audiencewas left wanting for more. Cries of “once more, once more” filled the auditorium as 3 performances got an encore.

Apart from the rehearsed performances, there were quite a few surprise items that kept up the tempo of the evening. Tuchcha gyaan on fachcha life had everyone in splits. High on enthu, the fachcha audience, too, proved to be quite creative themselves, with impromptu acts and dances leaving the audience thoroughly entertained.

Curtains fell and lights dimmed after an hour of scintillating performances…but the music refused to slow down as the whole crowd went footloose and danced carefree to the impassioned beat of freedom after hard toil.

Post by: Pritika Padhi, Footloose – The Dance Club

Pictures Courtesy: Perspectives, The Photography Club


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