Placements – What to believe and what not to believe

Over the past few days, I have received many queries from friends, family, relatives and fellow students about placements at IIMA based on what they read in the newspapers. I wondered how did some  of those figures come up and what’s the source of such information. As our Placement Chairperson, Professor Saral Mukherjee pointed out, the astronomical salary figures quoted were a misrepresentation.  (

This year the institute took proactive steps in disseminating information to the media about the placement process by sending out a press release after every cluster. However several publications reported information and figures which were incorrect and unverified by the placement committee. Instances of misrepresentation include:

  • Reporting names of some companies as recruiters when they did not even participate in the process
  • Inaccurate and inflated figures about the number of offers given by some of the recruiters
  • Details about the number of students placed after every cluster

Only the members of the student placement committee have authentic and credible information about the process. Hence information from any other sources is unreliable and can be misleading.

Several comparisons have been made about the number of offers made in each slot and the number of days within which the entire batch has been placed, across B-schools and with the previous years. However we believe such comparisons do not reflect a true picture about the kind of opportunities and economic conditions prevailing at a point of time. This year IIM Ahmedabad’s new cohort-based system ensured a far relaxed process allowing recruiters to interact with students over a two day period, thus reducing the pressure on recruiters to make spot offers and on students to accept offers immediately. The parameter for measuring success of this process is not the number of students placed in each cluster or the number of clusters in which all the students get placed, but in achieving better student recruiter fit, which we believe we managed to achieve.

Mansi Chitalia

Media Representative, Student Placement Committee


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