Joos (Photo Courtesy: Sayali Kale)

As a part of the course, Organizational Diagnosis, we were asked to choose an organization and act as independent consultants for them, diagnose their problems and aid them to find solutions. Our group chose Joos as our organization. Joos is a food outlet in the campus that offers fresh juices, sandwiches, pastas, salads, organic vegetables, organic drinks etc. with great quality and amazing taste.

So on a breezy moonlit night in the midst of student banter, gulping down organic ginger-lemon shooters, we met Siddharth Jaiswal, the brain behind Joos. We had heard about entrepreneurship before that, perhaps some of us had stated it as a reason to join IIMA in our interviews, but never met an entrepreneur who seemed so close to us, almost a student. The fact that he was an alumnus (Class of 2006) probably helped the conversation flow late into the night. We discussed what Joos is, how he thought of it, the process that went behind its creation and the future prospects. Gradually we went into the nitty gritties of operational problems, had discussions, arguments, suggestions flitting between the 3 of us. It is the first time that we got a first hand taste of what handling a business organization is all about, especially a budding organization. As he told us the concepts that he had learnt in IIMA and used in business, we tried together to apply more of what we were learning here to solve his current problems.The night ended with our minds buzzing and we left Joos with a potpourri of ideas in our minds.

Sometimes assignments at IIMA can be a whole lot of fun!!

~ Gurveen

Media Cell


3 thoughts on “Joos

  1. hey ,
    i really feel proud when i look at iim ahmedabad , i love the life in IIM A , i wish i would have been thare to experiance all the pains that the students are going through , i would enjoy the pain also that is offered in IIM A , but good job guys , keep it up …………… i will be soon there ” i hope “

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