A rendezvous with the Professors

It has been almost a year now. Our first encounter with the IIM-A faculty was during the interviews for getting into the institute. It was a feeling of awe to be interviewed by such distinguished people. The interaction reached another level as the slots/ terms went by. The admiration and respect for the Profs has grown immensely after learning from them. The renowned faculty is one of the cornerstones of the IIM-A culture and one of the critical reasons for the high standard that the institute has maintained over the decades.

As we near the end of 1st year of PGP, PGP-ABM course, we got an opportunity to know the faculty better. The occasion was the informal dinner with the faculty hosted by the PGP Chairman in the KLMDC lawns. The dinner is not just any feast. It’s a setting to have informal conversations with the faculty members and to know them better. Though it was a little formal at the outset, the Profs opened up quickly with witty exchanges. The conversations ranged from sharing jokes and laughter, to discussing EPL and latest books. Students shared their perspective of the various courses and their relevance. The Profs were forthcoming and showed a lot of interest in discussing issues like academic load, tempo shouts and others. The students also talked with the family members of the faculty. The teaching assistants and the research associates were also present and had interactions with the students.

The dinner also presented an opportunity to click photographs with the professors, wherein the faculty members were swarmed by the students. It was indeed one of the most memorable evenings for us on campus, as we reflected over the entire year which passed by in a jiffy. With just a month left before the first year concludes, students are already feeling the nostalgia.

– Aviral Jain

Media Cell


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