Inter-dorm cricket craze at WIMWI!

21 dorms, 168 students, all competing for that one thing: the chance to be a part of the “best cricketing dorm in WIMWI”. The inter-dorm cricket tournament held annually during the last term of the year is played as well as cheered with a lot of enthusiasm. The cheering, the celebrations, the bhangra… witnessed in this year’s edition of the event prove that the tournament is more than just sports, it’s a celebration.

The matches, played at night under flood lights, were a delight to watch. The nature of the field and the innovative rules invited batsmen to score quickly. However, surprisingly, most bowling attacks were accurate enough to get the batsmen out for winnable targets. Some of the less accurate bowlers used inconsistency and unpredictability as their weapons to frustrate batsmen. Fielding was a revelation as for most parts it was better even than the national teams (but that’s not much to write home about).

The good fielding effort was probably a result of the spirit and the enthusiasm of the players and the audience. Each dorm had supporters cheering from the sidelines too. However, let not the antics and friendly banter make you imagine that these were just friendly games. The fachchas were keen to show their talent, and the tuchchas were geared up for a fitting swansong to student life at WIMWI.

In the end, while Dorm 22 won against Dorm 15 in the finals to win the tournament, it would be fair to say that the spirit of WIMWI was the real winner.

– Utsav Kheria

Sports Secretary, IIMA


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