Holi Hai!!!!

Photo Courtesy: Sandeep

Photo Courtesy: Sudeshna

Holi in WIMWI is an unforgettable experience. What appears as a quiet, serene campus comes alive with a riot of colours, splashes of water, sweetness of mithais and thandai, and the madness of WIMWIians.

The day started with informal visits to the professors’ homes by a group of students. The Profs were more than happy to welcome the students and douse them with colours and water. The students were not to be left behind; making sure that the Profs and their families had a wonderful time. Mithais and thandai flowed as everyone enjoyed to the fullest.

The Hungama then shifted to the dorms and the student Mess area, as the lazy bones were woken up to the sound of dhol and tempo shouts. CultComm, the cultural committee of IIM-A, left no stone unturned to make sure that ample arrangements were made to provide all the necessary colours, water and space to suit the “holi”gans. As the crowd swayed to the music of ‘Rang Barse’, a large tub of coloured water awaited the initially reluctant ones, who were baptized into the Holi mood after being forcefully splashed into it. For the maverick and the fearless, a mud pool offered an opportunity for joyful annihilation of all civility for the day. A water jet was arranged to drench not just everyone in the centre stage of this massive party but also those who believed that they could escape the colour-onslaught by quietly enjoying the view from a safe distance…

The day concluded with tired but thoroughly contented students returning to their dorms, with most making lunch and movie plans. Others resorted to a well deserved sleep. The PGP2s, or Tuchchas as they are known as, have very few days left in the campus, which made the warm afternoon a little nostalgic. But then, as they say, life at WIMWI moves on.

– Shubhashish

Media Cell


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