A night of Rock, Rafi and Rahman @ IIMA

A soulful rendition by the Music Club of IIMA

A soulful rendition by the Music Club of IIMA

WIMWIans had a rocking time!!

WIMWIans had a rocking time!!

The name read “Crescendo – A night of Rock, Rafi and Rahman”. The self proclaimed music critic was amused. IIMA grads were known for a lot of things, but music…yeah right!! I sauntered in between two songs and settled down, a smug grin on the face. The first song I heard “Wake me up when September ends” awoke me to reality, albeit in the second week of September. The level of synchronization, harmony and melody had to be experienced to be believed. This was followed by “Yesterday”, the melancholy ballad of the Beatles and “Yellow” from Coldplay.The soulful renditions of these songs brought back memories and the experience was surreal.

But just as the persistent critic in me was wondering “The rock part is fine …where is Rahman? “, the peppy number from Bombay, “Kuchi kuchi raakamma”, silenced me. This was followed by “Aey udi udi” from Saathiya. The effervescent nature of these songs was a rich contrast to the previously pensive atmosphere and greatly enhanced the overall experience. A mention has to be made of The Music Club’s own rendition “Searching in the end”. The fusion of Indian violin with guitar and drums created a rich kaleidoscope. The harmony which was achieved between the two different schools of music was ethereal and evoked a thunderous applause from the audience. The fact that it was an impromptu performance speaks volumes of the ability of our own music club. And if you think it was all ‘The Music club’ with audience being silent listeners, think again. Crescendo offered a unique opportunity to interested WIMWIans to showcase their talent to the RJM audience. An adventurous trio made use of this opportunity with their own thought-provoking music. The train enacting, cart-wheeling and dancing of an enthused section of the audience added more colour to the night. All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable night and my only regret was that I had missed out on songs like “Ehsaan tera hoga mujhpar” and “Saathiya”.

Shrek (known to the outside world as Srikrishnan), the Music Club coordinator, says, “For us, the show was about enjoying the music we were playing. If that came across and helped the audience enjoy the show, we’re more than happy”. I can definitely assure you that we had an “ossum” time and eagerly await the next offering from The Music Club.

Vijay aka Maafi

Media Cell


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