A Not So Typical Day at IIMA

Louis I Kahn Plaza

Louis I Kahn Plaza

Got up late today, 8:15. It takes so long to get ready for class when you need to take off all your accompaniments to last night’s club scene in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is a really fun place. There are little and a few big rivulets everywhere in which flow a many splendid kinds of wine. I would really advise anyone against the stream on the left of CR7. I think that wine isn’t aged the 10 years.

I reached class around 930. No one seemed to mind. Attending classes here is really very voluntary. Professors are so glad when you turn up, given that they know we know so much. I chatted up with a few friends while in class. The TA
and the student in the corner were also sharing a joke and the professor found it very amusing and told us about how effective senior-junior bonding in the workplace can make it a more fun place.

Coffee break was disappointing. The starbucks wasn’t serving any iced latte. The institute authorities hence cancelled the classes for the day. Towards the evening we had a very stimulating joint session for all sections. The institute
screened a 2 hour recording of 1969s Woodstock but quite a few students started to drift away as the voice quality wasn’t all too great. I think Bose speakers aren’t all they’re made out to be.

I was getting really bored when I came back to my room. I thank god, or whichever senior it was, who thought of SAC providing us with an Xbox in each room. I wasn’t doing too great at AoE so I decided to attend the Rem session for later that day. The rem was very clarifying, to say the least. As it turns out AoE is just application of PS from slot I. Also if you know macros in excel a lot becomes easier. Sometimes you can use pivot tables to pivot the table the laptops are on. Hence the table shifts away from the guy who’s winning to the one who’s losing.

Better go get my beauty sleep.

P.S.:I really wouldn’t recommend using Pivot tables though in AoE, because they can pivot back and forth. It’s actually much better to just use an advanced filter to filter all the opponents’ resources and then change the criteria.


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