Rang barse @ IIMA



Colors, water, music, thandai and WIMWIians all of them together – Holi celebration does not get bigger than this.

A festivity at IIMA begins with the dorm and then moves on to engulf the entire campus. The Holi celebration kicked off in the morning with the enthusiastic junta ensuring that their beloved friends (some of whom had never played with colors) did not miss out the fun of colors. There were screams, chaos, splashes of water, frenzied shouts and some fanatic optimistic chases as well. Needless to mention that the chases were short and the smart junta who took their chances of avoiding being colored were pinned down and colored; Holi at WIMWI as they say engulfs all!

Holi Celebration at WIMWI is never a student’s only affair, it’s a community event. Holi celebration was planned at the Mess Lawns and the esteemed faculty members and their families joined the students in their celebrations. It was heartening for the students to have some home-made mithais and delicacies, which our generous professors brought with them. The enthusiasm of the professors matched that of students if not surpass it.

Everyone was completely absorbed in the atmosphere of colors – jiving to the music, the splashes of water and the clouds of gulal. It was a fun filled atmosphere, the water showers and rain dance further added to the excitement and fun. Tanks filled with colors were set to welcome people to party and being greeted with a push in the color tank was the protocol that every person in the party went through. This was perhaps the most fun event at WIMWI and Facchas who were wondering why the tucchas had stayed back just for Holi had not just heard but experienced the answer. Trust me Holi celebrations does not get better than this and this is a sentiment that echoes with everyone at WIMWI.


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