A Walk to Remember!

Some of the students that went on the walk

Some of the students who went on the walk

An Exquisite window to the world

An Exquisite window to the world

Fourteen IIM-A students had a very unique experience on Sunday, 15th March when they went on a walk through the old city of Ahmedabad. The walk was organised by AMA (Ahmedabad Management Association) and facilitated for the students by the Media Cell at IIM-A.

Guided by Mr. Yatin Pandya, a renowned architect and author, the tour began at the other end of Nehru Bridge with Mr. Pandya giving us some interesting anecdotes about the spirit and culture of Ahmedabad. We saw the famous Sidi Saiyed ni Jali, which is now almost the emblem of Ahmedabad. It was overawing to see that standing at one point, just outside the mosque of Sidi Saiyed, one could see Islamic, Hindu, Colonial and Modern architecture in different directions. Making our way through the narrow labyrinthine lanes, very much amidst the people, the chatter of a lively city, the different colours of fabric and spices and fruits and little knick-knacks, it was indeed a very unique experience as promised by our accompanying faculty. One of the FPM first year students, Salman who was part of the group has tried to capture the visit as best as it can be on his blog Life-at-IIMA. Do visit http://salman.blog.co.in/2009/03/15/a-walk-through-the-city/ for a detailed description of the walk.


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